DevHelpers Documentation

DevTools (or devhelpers) is a loose collection of python development helpers.


DevHelpers is not intended to be used in a final product.

Branching Model

This repository uses the git-flow branching model by Vincent Driessen. It has two branches with infinite lifetime:

The master branch gets updated on every release. The develop branch is the merging branch.

Semantic Versioning

After release “1.0.0” this repository will use SemVer for its release cycle.


Before release “1.0.0” it uses “0.y.z” as recommanded by SemVer. This means that breaking changes result in a version change at “y” position (e.g. “0.1.0” -> “0.2.0”). Non breaking changes result in a “z” change (e.g. “0.1.1” -> “0.1.2”).

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